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Integrate manufacturing with IT

The battle for productivity and global competitiveness of manufacturing products, procedures and strategies will be fought not on the mechanical ground but on the IT turf. Apply the creativity and skills that resulted in world-class office and consumer IT products to manufacturing, and chances are you'll produce a winner.

Ralph Langner

Langner Communications


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    Charles D. Amata Jr.

    IT has the potential to help manufacturing if applied correctly but IT alone will not solve all manufacturing problems. The US became a manufacturing leader by developing and implementing new and better manufacturing techniques. Many of these advances were driven by R&D. In the last 20 years, R&D has all but disappeared from US manufacturing.

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    IT really depends on how you bring those things together. Use of more sophisticated computing approaches to improve modeling, simulation, and process development and control can have a significant sustained impact on US manufacturing.

    The converse can also be true. Approximately half of the economic growth in the 90's was a direct result of increased workforce productivity enabled by the explosion in information technology and software. Unfortunately, those tools and benefits were easily exported to other manufacturing markets, allowing them to catch up