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Freedom to Understand

The freedom to support the reverse engineering of technology for educational research must be upheld. It is imperative if we are to create a safe and reliable future that our brightest minds can explore and understand complex systems without placing themselves into legal jeopardy. Today the DMCA and the chip copyright act of 1984 both provide provisions to protect researchers. Unfortunately these exceptions are insufficient. ...more »

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Fair Use of Multimedia Content on the Web and H.R. 3261‏

President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, It occurs that technologists can facilitate Americans with access to emerging technologies, e.g. computer web browsers or XBox Live software with Kinect, so as to provide them access to easily making selections of video, while watching video content, and then to make use those selections on the web, for example with Facebook, to comment, criticize, relay, reference, ...more »

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